Project oriented research and manufacturing.
High-end equipment
Manufacturing of non-standard products, the company uses SAP PDM and SAP ERP to handle the make-to-order business. It has the SAP PS as core module. The SAP system contains the project sales, offer, contract signing, design and manufacturing etc.
Project management, finance controlling, sales analytics, sales and distribution, production management, material management, document management and CAD integration etc.
Increase the enterprise’s efficiency, solve the resource assignment problem, increase the ordering, transport and fico control in the whole manufacturing process.
Production of High Speed Train components.
Solve the consistency issue of the international ERP FICO standards. The consulting project has the focus on a whole roadmap plan with distributed implementation step-by-step.
Automotive industry and manufacturing industry
NBHX uses SAP PLM to optimize and complete the research development processes
Automotive components, CAD integration, document management, Visual Enterprise, Engineering Change, BOM, Classification and Workflow etc.
Optimize the warehouse management, sales and procurement related, cost and profit control
Bridge and road construction, heavy steel structure manufacturing
B2B e-commerce platform, which enables the B2B transaction easily in real time with help of the SAP ERP backend system.
B2B platform as biggest Steel Supplier and Distribution Center
Full scope process control, real time integrated document management
CAD integration , document structure, project management, collaborated manufacturing