Project oriented research and manufacturing.
IM&C Industry, Engineering to Order implemented by SipingSoft in SAP.
The company is one of the leading Chinese manufactures of high-end equipments for power plants.
SmartOne - CRM is implemented to support management of customer pool from marketing events, leads and opportunity till sales contract. It solved the internal information silos and largely increase the team efficiency in customer engagement.
CRM, Marketing, Customer Service, BI Reporting, Mobile Solutions using SipngSoft's SmartOne.
FutureCell is a leading company in Bio Pharm Industy. It is set up by Dr. Jiang, graduated in Canada. The company has GMP/ISO15189 standard laboratory and production plants.
Project based scientific research, management of document, IP, HR, Finance.
Project Management, Document Management and classification using SipingSoft's SmartOne.
Hinova is a leading company in Bio Pharma Industry, located in the High Tech Zone of city Chengdu. The company hat the core competence in Deuterated Drug Technology, DDT. It has more than 50 patents. The scientists have education and working background in Europe and America.
SKS is a leading company in the city wifi business. It provides infrastructure for Industry IoT and Smart City solutions.
Computer software technology, Computer network equipment, Technical consultation, Technical service and technology transfer, etc.
The company is set up by ex Cisco top managers. The core members have expertise in Lora and NB applicatoins in large city area for both social and industry usage.
Use SipingSoft's SmartOne to standardize business process flows, enable the rollout of the standard optimized management models in Engineering Construction & Operation ECO business.
Commercial assets operation management.
The company is one of the top 100 ECO company in China and one of the largest in West China in real estate business. It has business areas in shopping mall operation, in hotel management in addition to the office building business.
Use SmartOne to manage the Bio Pharma industry's drug application process and audit management, to increase data precision and search efficiency. Enable the full life-cycle controlling.
Project Management, Audit Management.
The company is one of the top 3 Chinese pharmacy manufactures. It has new drug research institute and subsidiary in America and other countries.
Increase the enterprise's efficiency, solve the resource assignment problem, increase the ordering, transport and fico control in the whole manufacturing process.
Production of High Speed Train components.
Solve the consistency issue of the international ERP FICO standards. The consulting project has the focus on a whole roadmap plan with distributed implementation step-by-step.
Automotive industry and manufacturing industry.
NBHX uses SAP PLM to optimize and complete the research development processes.
Automotive components, CAD integration, document management, Visual Enterprise, Engineering Change, BOM, Classification and Workflow etc.
Optimize the warehouse management, sales and procurement related, cost and profit control.
Bridge and road construction, heavy steel structure manufacturing.
B2B e-commerce platform, which enables the B2B transaction easily in real time with help of the SAP ERP backend system.
B2B platform as biggest Steel Supplier and Distribution Center.
Full scope process control, real time integrated document management.
CAD integration, document structure, project management, collaborated manufacturing.
Manufacturing of non-standard products, the company uses SAP PDM and SAP ERP to handle the make-to-order business. It has the SAP PS as core module. The SAP system contains the project sales, offer, contract signing, design and manufacturing etc.
Project management, finance controlling, sales analytics, sales and distribution, production management, material management, document management and CAD integration etc.